Responsible Gambling

Self-exclusion Policy

While most customers can enjoy their gambling, here at Seapoint Leisure we recognise that for a small number of customers gambling ceases to be a fun activity. For these customers we provide a self-exclusion facility. Self-exclusion is a formal process whereby we cease to allow you access to play in our casino for a minimum of 1 month and upto 1 year at your request.

 Once you self-exclude, we will lock all loyalty cards associated with your name and all functions for said card(s). This process can not be undone until a time that the self-exclusion period you have selected has expired. After this period has expired you may rejoin the casino by arranging a meeting with a manager to discuss it with us. We will allow a 24 hour cool off period and if you still wish to rejoin we will welcome you back.

How to request self-exclusion facility:

Come in to Seapoint Leisure and speak to a manager, we will talk you through the process and get you to sign a written agreement with regards to the legalities and duration of the exclusion. If you choose to self-exclude we will use all reasonable resources to ensure we comply with your self-exclusion policy. However, in agreeing to self-exclude you accept that you have a parallel undertaking not to seek to circumvent the self-exclusion. Accordingly, Seapoint Leisure has no responsibility to or liability for any subsequent consequences or losses howsoever caused, that you may suffer if you commence or continue gambling in our casino.